Unknowing the Unknown

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

I am on a boat, leaning over to the edge

The sky was dark and crisp

The crescent of the moon shined a part of the ocean; big enough for our boat to be seen under

Darkness was surrounding us

I can hear the wind waltz around me

I can feel the frosts that lingered on my face

With my eyes closed and head bent back just a bit, I took a sniff of the salty fresh air from the sea

It was a therapeutic moment with every inhale and exhales of air

I now find myself enjoying this peaceful moment

I opened my eyes and I still see the dark abyss surrounding us

I had no fear or worry, for I know our boat will take us to our destination

Even though we may not be able to see the path to our destination

It is a process we must trust

Just like life, we must trust that everything will work out and we will eventually get to our destination

In the meantime, let us be present with ourselves to enjoy this moment of unknowing the unknown.



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Nicki N.

Nicki N.

Creative writer🖋 Poems , deep thoughts ☁️, and short stories ✨