The Story of the Ocean, Sun, and the Land

Nicki N.
3 min readMay 4, 2022
Photo by Sean Pierce on Unsplash

She was the ocean

He was the land

They were destined to find each other

This was their first encounter

She had powerful healing blue waves that often crashed the shores

She was enchanting and mystic with an aurora noise stemming from the bottom of her sea

You can hear her echo if you listened carefully with your eyes closed

He was calm and grounded

He had roots planted in his ground, for he provided stability

He was able to make you feel safe without the need to drift away

Both were the opposite, yet they were both suitable towards eachother

The Land needed some water from the Ocean to help his ground prosper

So the Ocean agreed and gave the Land some water, so that he can grow his trees and flowers

The Sun came out

The land was filled with vibrant colors of fruits and floral

The air smelled refreshing and sweet

The Land felt attracted to the sun, he admired how she was illuminating the earth with her beauty

He knew he could never be with her, so he admired her from a distance

The Sun is loving, yet it was also deadly toxic

He enjoyed the Sun’s warmth and her ability to help his plants bloomed beautifully

He loved the Sun enough that he became unaware of how she burnt his trees

The Sun’s flames spreaded across the ground, destroying everything in her path

The air smelled crisp and burnt

Tiny particles of burnt plants and trees fluttered in the sky

There was nothing left but the ground

Desperate to recover, the Land turned to the Ocean and asked her to create rain in order to heal himself

The Ocean complied and she was able to help him heal

The Land took time to rebuild himself

He grew twice as much trees and flowers